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Offering cutting edge treatment , by highly trained specialists in a private, peaceful and rejuvinating environment.

Welcome To Viewpoint

Viewpoint Recovery Center is a leading, private, long term, residential drug and alcohol rehab in Johannesburg, South Africa. Viewpoint was started for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to get sober in a clean, safe and comfortable environment. Our goal is to raise the standard in affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment in order to provide the highest level of care to our clients.

We seek to touch the hearts and minds of our clients, allowing them to walk away with a better understanding of who they truly are. This understanding, coupled with knowledge and support, will allow an addict to create and sustain a new, healthy and productive life. Unique. Ever-growing. And together as a part of something much, much larger and significant.

Viewpoint Director Talks Addiction on SABC2

We offer cutting-edge drug addiction treatment and alcoholism rehabilitation that helps our clients break the bonds of addiction and enjoying a life of on-going, lasting recovery.

Each element of our addiction treatment program is designed specifically to each individual client. And by integrating traditional solutions-based treatment with alternative holistic therapy we are able to address all aspects of recovery including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our innovative system to substance abuse treatment and alcoholism rehabilitation is successfully implemented by our highly trained team of recovery experts.

Our staff consists of fully licensed and certified addiction counselors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, family therapists and recovery coaches who specialize in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, recovery coaching, relapse prevention, family therapy, trauma counseling, alternative holistic healing and cognitive behavioural therapy.

When you join our family you can have peace of mind you are receiving treatment from dedicated and caring specialists who’s sole mission is YOUR recovery.

Viewpoint’s drug and alcohol rehab offers a home-life environment with modern facilities to make your recovery as convenient and comfortable as possible. We recently renovated our entire facility, from bedrooms and treatment rooms,to equipment and outside garden. Our mission is to provide a safe, peaceful environment that supports a healthy shift in attitude and positively impacts the addiction recovery process.

  • Comfortable Accommodations and Amenities
  • Large Bedrooms with Baths
  • Massive garden with sports facilities
Viewpoint’s innovative drug and alcohol rehab center is situated on a private 2000 sqm private property in Boksburg, Johannesburg. With an abundance of fresh air, open sky and lots of outdoor space, it’s the perfect place to escape the frenzy of everyday life while focusing on recovery from your addiction.

  • Relaxing and tranquil atmosphere 
  • Dynamic energy of learning and recovery
  • Only 30 min drive to OR Tambo Airport and easy access to Main Reef Rd, R21 and 17 Highway

Our Promise To You:

  • A clean, safe, secure, supportive, private environment
  • A highly trained counselling team who’s sole mission is YOUR recovery
  • A high staff-to-client ratio ensuring maximum one-on-one attention
  • A effective combination of solutions-based and holistic treatments

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Our Happy Clients

View Point has changed my life. The programme instills integrity, honesty and so much more in the building of your character. A BIG Shout out and thanks to Viewpoint, all their staff and everyone who shared with me in our group. I love You Guys. Thanks for making a difference in my life.
Sineshan Govender
Viewpoint helped save my life. They believed in me when I had nowhere else to go and helped me find myself and my purpose in life. I am eternally grateful for the time, the love and the belief that I received from Viewpoint Recovery Centre.
Justin Jansen
I would recommend Viewpoint to anyone suffering from drug addiction. Their program worked for me and I believe it can work for anyone with a drug problem. Thank you Viewpoint! You showed me that change is possible and helped me through it. I will be forever be grateful
Eugene Grundlingh

Elements Of Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Our comprehensive training program combines tested alternative therapies with traditional ones to provide clients with the highest caliber of treatment available.

12 Steps

Our 12 step program helps our clients recognize the insanity of drug use and equips them with tools to identify unmanageability, powerlessness and insanity in all areas of their lives.

Life Skills

Addiction causes positive behavior patterns to be replaced by negative ones. Our goal is to restore positive behaviour patterns so the addict can live a prosperous and balanced life.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching is a form of strength-based support that is action oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching goals for the future.

Systematic Constellations

We are one of only five rehabs in SA to offer this ground-breaking program. Clients gain a new perspective of their goals and learn to identify blocks that are hindering the achievement of that goal.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy employs different types of art media through which the client can express and work through issues such as anger, low self-esteem and the inability to express emotion.

Court Letters & Appearances

We make court appearances to get addicts a 2nd chance after treatment. We also facilitate Section 21 and Section 23’s when family is left with no option but to force addicts into treatment rather than hurting themselves

Coping Skills

Clients learn healthy coping mechanisms to stress and conflict situations once they leave the rehab. Thy learn to let go of the victim mentality and shape their reality in a clean and sober way.

Psychodrama Therapy

Spontaneous and authentic role playing combined with dramatic self-presentation is used to gain new insight into their lives, resolve problems and practice new life skills and behaviors.

Family Coaching

With a focus on education and empowerment, our family program helps repair broken relationships and remove negative feelings of distrust between the patient and their family.

HIV Testing & Counselling

We offer HIV testing and counseling. One of our staff members has first-hand experience of living and dealing with HIV and can offer counselling. 

Medically Supervised Detox

Medically supervised detox is part of our comprehensive primary care package which is designed to purge the body of addictive substances in a controlled and relaxed environment.

Aftercare Program

Our aftercare program is structured around the specific needs of each client and helps to solidify the foundation built in primary treatment.

Those Are Just A Few Main Modules, There Are Plenty More

  • Art Therapy

  • Family Support Groups

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Re-integration Therapy

  • Family Skype Sessions

  • Detoxification

  • Parental Agreements

  • Business Coaching

  • Adolescent Counselling

  • Couples Counselling

  • Trauma Counselling

  • Co-Dependency Counselling

  • Psychiatric Consultations

  • Spiritual Awareness

  • Interventions

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Mediations

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Screenings

  • Court Sections

  • Court Letters & Court Appearances

  • Diversion Programmes

  • Psychiatric Referrals

  • Guided Meditations

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